tahiti 80
Tahiti 80

With the imminent release of a sixth album, Tahiti 80 are now part of the happy few that managed to survive both musical hypes and erosion. 

For nearly two decades, the band has successfully re-invented their sound with every new release. The first single, aptly named "Crush!", displays the band's savoir-faire: Xavier Boyer's voice soaring over dusty synths , a catchy bass line flirting with treated guitars, soul harmonies on top of a drum machine … You've got to remember that Tahiti 80 have been doing French pop before it was even a genre.

 The new full-length has been recorded between France and Oregon with songwriter, musician producer Richard Swift (Black Keys, The Shins, Sharon Van Etten, Foxygen), and it will come out in the Fall 2014 on Human Sounds. 

Crush Tahiti 80