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Farewell Dear Ghost is 24-year-old Philipp Szalay. We Colour the Night is about how things grow, change and go wrong. Reaching the number one spot on FM4, Austria’s number one alternative radio station, and opening shows for bands such as The Naked and Famous, Teenage Fanclub, and Ezra Furman, Philipp has created quite a name for himself. 

Growing up in the mountains of Austria, Philipp was a country kid that spent his youth skiing and teaching himself to play guitar. “It was just something I really wanted, so I had my friend show me the chords and I kind of taught myself the rest,” said Philipp. In 2008, he headed to Graz, Austria in pursuit of a masters degree in education, while also beginning to work on his music more seriously. 

He borrowed the name Farewell Dear Ghost from a song by the German band Monta. “I just really liked the lyrics,” said Philipp.We Colour the Night was recorded in Graz, Austria but mixed in Iceland at Helgi Jonsson’s studio, a close friend of producer Christofer Frank. With the help of his musician friends and Christofer Frank, he was able to define a new sound for his music and record the songs in the way they sounded in his head. 



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