lisa alma

Lisa Alma blends her soothing voice with tranquil piano chords and pulsating electronic beats to create an encapsulating dream-pop universe. Her self-titled album’s melodramatic aura puts a contemporary spin on ’80’s pop music. Intoxicating sounds and contemplative lyrics produce a sense of depth on her powerful debut album.

Lisa Alma – born in 1986 – hails from the city of Copenhagen, Denmark. With a Masters in Theatre and Performance Studies, her self-titled album is a combination of personal experience and artistic expansion. Her work in the field of performance arts and photography has invoked a sense of transcendental music that permeates multiple mediums.

“What I like about making music these days, is that you can combine all sorts of artistic expressions into one output.”- Lisa Alma.

Her incorporation of film and photography help to further realize her already powerful musical message.

'Fine'- Lisa Alma

Lisa Alma (2013)

Sweater (2015)

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